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Help provide these five basic components:


Hope (Jesus)  | Education  | Clean Water | Food | Clothing


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Barnabas projects are the first component of our mission. They are projects that are in a survival mode and need to transition to a thriving mode. We have identified five basic components to thrive:

Barnabas Empowers

After documenting these projects, we look for groups (companies, divisions, departments, churches, small groups, women’s groups, youth groups, etc) that would want to sponsor/adopt a project. Depending on the project and what is needed, the group would commit to so much money/month. 100% is transferred to an accountability group/person located near the project. This group/person would work with the project to determine what they need, purchase or supply the items, and document where the money was used.


Our mission is to help local, national, and international children’s projects where we can truly make a difference by meeting their needs. Barnabas Charities, Inc. will be known as a charity that gives you the confidence and security of knowing that 100% of your donation goes directly to your project or a project in need.


(more components coming soon)


Historically, Barnabas means enabler and encourager. By encouraging children to dream and enabling them to move forward in life, we can change the world one child at a time.


GO MAD enables people in the United States to make a difference somewhere in the world. After all, isn’t all our mission in life to help one another if the opportunity presents itself.


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